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1,000 container trucks held up at Quang Ninh Province border with China

Thứ bảy, 22/1/2022 | 14:00 GMT+7
Over 1,000 container trucks laden with goods have backed up at the Mong Cai Border Gate in Quang Ninh Province after China’s tightened Covid-19 measures restricted their entry.

Two bridges across the Ka Long River in Quang Ninh have become home to over 1,000 trucks that have been unable to cross the border.

Some have been there for a few days, and others for two months. Drivers have to pay a parking fee of VND100,000 ($4.3) a day.


Around 100 vehicles are allowed to cross the bridges into China each day, meaning trucks have to wait on the road for their turn.


Each truck takes 10-15 minutes to complete customs procedures after China tightened safety measures.


A driver awaits his turn to cross over.


All trucks are disinfected before entering China.


Drivers cook by themselves and bathe in cold water in temperatures of 13-16 Celsius degrees.


Nguyen Ba Tai, 33, has not been able to return to his hometown in the central province of Khanh Hoa for two months as he waits to drive his truck into China.

It is carrying frozen fish from the southern province of Tien Giang, but has not been allowed to cross the border for 40 days. He has rented a cold storage to keep the fish at a cost of VND1.5 million a day.


Although Mong Cai customs authorities have advised truck drivers to stop coming to the gate, dozens still show up each day.

If trucks stop coming, they estimate the pileup will be cleared by Tet, the New Year in both countries, which is in the first week of February this year.


Some exporters have asked their drivers to turn around and sell the fruits locally in the hope they can recoup at least some of their money.

The delays began in early December at all major border points between Vietnam and China, resulting in losses especially for exporters of agriculture produce.


Minh Cuong


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